Via Dolce
Marina Del Rey, California

This very dramatic “before-and-after” transformation entailed a complete remodel of the interior and exterior, revealing the huge potential inherent in the home. The high ceilings, spiral staircase and beautiful light alluded to exciting possibilities, but the “confused” façade, un-logical floorplan and questionable finishes left the house far from where it could be.

Bright white paint replaced the drab green color of the exterior, and all the doors and windows were replaced with black metal ones to create a more dramatic contrast. Black metal roofing and siding were added strategically to complete the more contemporary identity of the home.

On the interior the new kitchen was extended into the old dining space, creating a large open kitchen overlooking the sunken living area. The dining room was relocated next to the living room for a better distribution of space, and a tall sliding door was added to allow for a much improved physical and visual flow to the outdoor patio. A complete makeover of all the interior finishes with subtle tones of black, white and earth-tones completed the transformation of this home into a space that is now as impressive as it is warm, with a much more inviting energy and flow.