The Partners

Bertrand Genoist is a licensed architect and contractor, with an artists’ personality and an uncompromising demand for quality. His passion is in the design of unique spaces, with strategic use of light and materials to create impressive yet comfortable environments. His experience with design and permitting are invaluable in expediting the architectural portion of the process, and his experience in construction paired with his ownership of the design details allow him to seamlessly manage the implementation.

Bertrand was born in Paris, France, and moved to the US in his early 20s. He received a Masters’ degree in architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCIARC) and a Bachelors’ in Architecture from University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He worked in few different architectural firms gaining experience in a wide variety of commercial and residential projects, before creating his partnership with Jalda in 2010.

California Architects Board license number C36796
California Contractors State License Board license number 1068686

Jalda Hoff is a designer and real estate agent, with a background in business. Her passion is design, her personality is analytical and organized. She works closely with Bertrand to create plans that make efficient use of space and create an energy and flow that make a project feel like a home. She oversees the interior design process, managing the choice of finishes and furnishings that give their projects a sophisticated yet livable look. Her experience as a realtor inherently leads her to consider resale value in the design equation, and her background in business and management are invaluable in the coordination of the incredible amount of detail, planning and budgeting that go into the design-build process.

Jalda was born in Holland and moved to Brussels, Belgium to pursue a Bachelors’ Degree in Business and Economics from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, followed by an MBA from Solvay Business School. She moved to the US shortly after, working as a consultant and strategist for several large global companies including McKinsey & Co., Mattel, and Avery Dennison. She then created and ran a luxury handbag company that designed, manufactured and marketed two brands distributed in high-end stores all over the world, before teaming up with Bertrand to focus on her biggest passion: creating gorgeous homes in which real families live real lives.

California Department of Real Estate license number 01911600