The Firm

Hoff-Genoist was founded by its name partners, Jalda Hoff and Bertrand Genoist in 2010 when they first started transforming properties fueled by their shared passion for architecture and design. Originally their focus was on development projects, i.e., purchasing, designing and building properties for resale. They then expanded their reach to include client projects, helping people realize their vision of a dream home. They have designed and built a wide range of single- and multi-family homes in the Los Angeles area, from expansive remodels to additions to new construction.

Their husband-wife dynamic and uniquely complimentary skillsets and experience have made them an unbeatable team, adept at creating unique design visions and transforming them into dream homes while expertly navigating the inherent physical, regulatory and budgetary constraints. Between them they cover the male-female, artist-analyst, designer-builder spectrum, and the results are always high quality, unique homes with excellent use of space and light, and a contemporary European esthetic.