Our Philosophy

Hoff-Genoist was created based on our passion for design and construction. Our start as architects and developers allowed us to understand the entire real estate process, from purchase to design-build to interior design to resale. With this unique blend of experience and expertise, we are able to offer our clients a service that covers the entire process of renovating or building their dream home.

We learned early on that if the design and build phases of a project are separated, mistakes are made and conflicts occur. The integrity of the design invariably gets compromised and the true potential of a home is not realized. We found that when you control both, you can reach a level of excellence that is difficult to achieve in the typical architect/contractor relationship.

We believe that design happens not only at the architects’ desk but that it continues on site throughout the building process. That is when you are able to “feel” a space, experience the light and energy, and refine design choices accordingly. Conversely, interior design and furniture layout need to be considered early on, taking into consideration how you envision living in the space, your lifestyle and routines. Therefore, designing and building are inherently intertwined throughout the process and are done best when controlled by one entity.

Our early experience as developers and realtors forced us to consider profitability and resale value. These valuable insights allow us to guide our clients through important design decisions and cost/benefit analyses in the context of a bigger picture, a nuance not typically is not found in single-discipline firms.

We cover the spectrum of skills needed to navigate the creativity, planning, people management, budgeting, and bureaucracy that go into the design-build process. Our goal is to let you do your jobs while we do ours and minimize the stress and uncertainties inherent in such an important and sometimes daunting undertaking.