Mar Vista, California

This home in the beautiful Mar Vista Hills was transformed from a worn-down, dark 3-bedroom home to a light-filled 3,200 square foot 3-story family home oriented to the gorgeous views. With the existing home taken to the studs and a new story added, little remained of the old structure. But given the topography of the sloped lot, we did inherit the split level at the back of the house, which gave us some wonderful “character” to work with.

We opened up the main living space by removing most walls and raising the ceilings, inviting in light and views. The living room, dining room, kitchen and family room form a U around the central brick-clad structure, creating the perfect open concept living environment with just enough separation for ideal family living. The impressive metal and wood staircase leads to the new top floor which houses 3 of the bedrooms and a large patio with stunning views. In the back of the house the lower split level was transformed into a large suite with private yard access, and the upper split level became the family room with lower ceilings for a more intimate feeling.

Exterior spaces were an important element for this home, each designed for a specific purpose. The living room patio is ideal for entertaining, the master deck the perfect calm retreat. The family room patio is designed to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine, and the kitchen terrace creates a seamless transition from the main living area to the yard-space below.