Jacon Way
Pacific Palisades, California

This quintessential California bungalow sits on an enchanting lot in the hills of the Pacific Palisades. The exceptional exterior space inspired us to revive and add to the old run-down structure in a way that connects the exterior with the interior so it can be enjoyed every day from every room.

The original low-vaulted ceilings drew your eyes down and created a dark interior, but we found the beams to be charming. So we kept them but added architectural interest by staining them black in contrast with the white walls and ceilings. We added a large family room with a similarly angled ceiling that slopes upward to a tall wall with lots of glass, drawing your eyes up and out into the exterior. Some minor reshuffling of the interior walls and the addition of skylights created a wonderful open concept living space, and a functional and bright bedroom wing.

We used a dramatic but neutral black and white color palette throughout, with oak floors and wood siding to add warmth.