Interior Design

As designers, to us a project is not done until it is DONE. Which involves every last detail including every tile, light fixture, faucet, table and chair. Bertrand’s passion for spaces, light and buildings propelled him to pursue and education in architecture. Jalda’s appreciation of all things design is epitomized in that of a home – the ultimate “object” from which to derive esthetic pleasure every day.

From the beginning of our careers in real estate, we staged all the homes that we sold. We thought that important because we wanted people to be able to envision living in the home they just toured. We wanted them to wake up thinking about it, imagining living there.

Without interior design, a home is not complete. The fixtures are the “jewelry” that refine a home, the objects you get to touch and feel and appreciate on a daily basis. The furniture allows you to enjoy the space in a way that works for you, allowing you to be comfortable and experience a flow that feels right, and enjoy the beauty in everyday objects.

Our experience in marrying objects, materials and color palettes combined with our intuitive grasp of flow and function have allowed us to become skilled at creating striking yet understated and livable interiors that you can wake up to enjoy every day. Incorporating that aspect from the very start of a project makes the process more organic and allows for better control of the outcome, resulting in an interior design that is seamlessly incorporated into the architecture of the home.