Early on in our design careers, we experienced that when you hand over the plans to be built by a contractor, the integrity of the design gets compromised, conflicts arise, and the client is stuck in the middle and ill-equipped to make the best decisions. We found that by taking control of the entire process, conflicts are minimized, the designs are implemented as intended, and the client is spared sleepless nights.

In addition, we have found that when the designer is integrally involved in the construction process, the design improves. We can experience the spaces, light and energy of a project as it comes to life and continue to refine the design choices. Furthermore, we have found it so much more efficient to make decisions on finishes as the project progresses, as opposed to from behind a computer screen before ground is even broken.

Over the years, we have gained valuable construction experience, having remodeled and built a large number of homes all over the Los Angeles area. We have worked with the building departments of most Los Angeles area cities and understand the nuances of construction in the context of all the bureaucratic, regulatory and physical challenges that come along with that process. We have established a team of tradesmen on whom we can count to see a project to completion according to our standards of excellence. Having worked with many of our subcontractors and suppliers for over a decade, we can count on their loyalty, dependability and experience to extend to us their best work and prices.